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Our buyers actually visit everywhere even overseas to find fabulous products.
We provide you with many of these selected products.
We provide happy moments through our services as a bridge between Japan and overseas countries.


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  • Helping business export

    Japanese products are highly evaluated for its quality and design. Made in Japan means a lot in the world, this means that Japanese companies are able to find some advantages. Recently we can often hear the words such as “selected Japan” or “recommended Japan” which means products selected by Japanese and that indicate the products are safe and reliable. We are hoping that more products from Japan expand all over the world. However, Japanese companies compared to overseas companies find that it requires a lot of work. If a company is interested in expanding their products and is able to provide us with all the information we need, we can handle all exporting and sales activities overseas on behalf of the company. Cultural differences are one of the main reasons why Japanese companies feel difficulties expanding their products overseas. We believe that mutual understanding and trust are important. To built the relationships, our buyers fly outside of Japan and talk face to face.

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  • Discover Japanese hot items

    There is a high demand for some Japanese products that can only be found in Japan. To understand their needs, whenever we visit clients or makers overseas, we also explore the city and try to get some inspiration. The number of tourists are growing year by year and Japanese culture spreads to foreign countries. For this reason, we believe that we will be able to find more Japanese-style shops overseas in the near future. We are always seeking great products or services to meet global needs.

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  • Importing products from overseas

    We can see a number of Japanese buyers frequently visit trade shows in overseas. Thanks to their work, many products are imported and sold in Japan. At the same time, there are still more products or cultures that we would like to introduce. Overseas products have their unique atmosphere. We would like to import many unique products into Japan and provide happy moments through them.

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